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What’s Included in my E360 License?


Have you ever heard the saying “It’s all about the Benjamins?” Well, when it comes to choosing the right software partner, there never was a truer statement. Very few people have the time or energy anymore to read through complicated proposals or cost summaries. From the start, people want to know the bottom line – “what’s this going to cost me?” That’s why Edvance360 makes it easier than ever for potential partners to understand their anticipated costs. How? We achieve this by incorporating all costs into one, easy-to-read, PACKAGE DEAL, which landed us the #2 spot on Capterra’s Top 20 Most Affordable LMS vendor list (click here).

With the exception of a few optional add-ons, Edvance360 offers everything – from unlimited training, course and data migration, full implementation, content hosting, ongoing technical support, third-party integration set up, and custom site branding – in a single annual licensing fee – due at the time of a signed agreement.

Our all-inclusive pricing packages are just that – all inclusive. Say goodbye to hidden costs, confusing fee structures, and large start-up fees. Say hello to one-on-one support, transparent usage dashboards, and a true partnership. 




We have broken down our pricing packages to serve these most popular marketplaces:

  • K-12 (which includes public and private, charter, alternative, and districts)
  • Higher Education (which ranges from small Bible colleges to larger universities and tech schools and community college districts)
  • Corporate (which includes corporations training employees or clients or both)
  • Start-Ups (special pricing and payment plans apply)
  • Non-profits (special pricing and payment plans apply)

Although there are variations within each of these marketplaces, we have found that almost every potential partner that comes to us with a list of online learning needs does, in fact, fit into one of the above categories. 

Questions to ask yourself to help determine your fit may include the following – “Who is my audience?” Or, “What type of Learner do I desire to reach with my content?” Another great need to consider is, “Do I want to make my content available worldwide, or just exclusively to those within my enterprise?” Lastly, “How long will my courses be?” The answers to each of these questions will help highlight which of our pricing packages best fit your needs. 

What’s the biggest difference between these packages? We have analyzed the following criterion in order to come up with what we believe is a fair, affordable, and robust option for each marketplace package:

– Length of a typical course
– Total anticipated Active Users (users needing access to the course at the same time)
– Extended enterprise needs (integrations with third-party vendors, SSO, etc.)
– Multi-tenant (or District Level) License
– Automated registration/eCommerce capabilities 

To view more details about our E360 Pricing Packages click here. For more information about “Costs to Consider When Selecting an LMS” click here

To reach out to one of our dedicated Edvance360 Sales Account Managers about finding the right Licensing Package for your online initiative, email us today at sales@edvance360.com

We hope to see you make the simple choice and choose Edvance360 LMS.