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More than just another corporate LMS platform: Edvance360 provides an easy to use training management system to help your employees excel.

Why Edvance360 Corporate LMS?

Empower Corporate Trainers

Industry Recognized and Award Winning LMS

Edvance360 is recognized as an industry leader in supporting online learning and training for nearly every industry and need. Accolades include:

  • Awarded one of the top ten LMS Frontrunners by Software Advice
  • “Most Affordable LMS” by Capterra
  • CODiE Award Winner

Corporate LMS Gamification

Track employee progress via Edvance360 alerts and reports based on criteria chosen by the corporate training course designer(s). Motivate e-learners with badges that are earned upon completion of criteria; badges can then be shared via social media and Edvance360’s corporate LMS.

Incorporate mentors & corporate coaches

Edvance360 LMS platform provides Department Heads with access to communication alerts, reminders, and announcements. Plus, a shared corporate LMS calendar with employee activity, direct access to online training course material, educational resources, employee progress, and more.

Manage teams/departments/divisions/regions.

Replace those old intranets with something employees will actually use! Edvance360’s Corporate LMS lets you manage teams, departments, divisions, or regions by providing online access to:

Fuse Enterprise Components.

Integrate Edvnace360’s corporate LMS with third-party vendors such as content providers, HRIS vendors, CRM vendors, intranets, etc.

  • Collaborative online training communities
  • Wikis/document sharing
  • Live video conferencing
  • Live chat tool
  • LMS Discussion Groups
  • Committee management tools
  • Blogs
  • Reports
  • Surveys/assessments

eCommerce / Registration.

Edvance360 Corporate LMS-SN includes an optional eCommerce/Registration Module to enable companies implementing external online training programs to accept payment and those implementing internal training programs to enable employees to self-register. This optional module makes Edvance360 LMS a turn-key solution for enterprise-wide deployment.

Organizations with social learning cultures out-perform peers


are more likely to have greater employee productivity than peer organizations without social learning cultures


are more likely to be first to market than peer organizations without social learning cultures


are more likely to be prepared to meet future demands than peer organizations without social learning cultures

Source: High-Impact Learning Culture: The 40 Best Practices for Creating an Empowered Enterprise, Bersin & Associates/David Mallon, June 2010

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