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Edvance360’s Learning Management System streamlines training for retailers to ensure employees provide consistent and exceptional customer experiences.

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Social Learning

Keep learners engaged before, during and after courses with Communities. Drive higher course completion rates through unique communication and notifications. A quality LMS keeps everyone learning forward.


Increase learner engagement in the LMS by awarding achievements and badges based on participation in the system. Stimulate friendly competition and encourage learners to complete more courses thus expanding their knowledge.

Video Assessments

Enable learners to record and upload videos of themselves delivering communications such as elevator pitches or product overviews.

Custom UI Branding

Customize the Edvance360 Learning Management System to match your company’s brand. With basic CSS and HTML knowledge, admins can customize the interface down to the finest details, from fonts and colors to headers and footers and more.

The Retail Industry must embrace continuous learning in order to keep up with the latest trends, tools, and techniques, and to provide customers with the exceptional service they expect and deserve.

In the Experience Economy, the demands on Retailers have never been higher. Customers expect a seamless omni-channel experience that delivers consistency whether they are shopping in a physical store or reaching out to customer service for assistance. This presents a daunting challenge for retailers, who must ensure every employee is properly trained to provide top-notch customer experiences. This is particularly challenging in an industry with predictably high turnover rates and frequent changes in workforce demographics.


Fortunately, the Edvance360 Learning Management System (LMS) offers a comprehensive, centralized solution for retailers seeking to provide effective training to their staff. By automating the learning process, the Edvance360 LMS simplifies the onboarding process for new hires and provides continual training to develop the skills of existing staff. The platform’s built-in tracking feature confirms completed courses and identifies who may need additional support from management. With easy course assignment and tracking, the LMS streamlines the process of assigning courses and monitoring employee progress, reducing the manual workload for L&D professionals.


Employees will love the Edvance360 LMS, as it offers a quick and straightforward way to access training that helps them excel at their jobs. With an intuitive interface, employees can easily navigate the platform to access and complete training courses that build their knowledge and skill sets. The platform offers a range of interactive learning tools such as quizzes, polls, and assessments, that reinforce learning and allow L&D professionals to track employee progress. Ultimately, the Edvance360 LMS empowers retailers to provide a consistent and exceptional customer experience by ensuring that employees are well-trained and equipped to provide top-notch service.

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Key LMS Benefits for Hospitality

Anytime.  Anywhere.  Any Device.

Due to the nature of their work, numerous employees in the Retail industry are frequently on the move around the property and do not have a designated workspace. However, with Edvance360, these workers can conveniently access training materials and courses from wherever they are without disrupting their workflow or productivity.

Non-technical Workers Excel Here.

The user-friendly interface of Edvance360 Learning Management System allows even those with limited proficiency in business software to effortlessly navigate through the system and swiftly finish their assigned courses. The incorporation of shorter, visually appealing, and multilingual training programs enables employees to remain engaged in the content, avoiding the frustration that comes with an overly complicated learning system.

Hit the Ground Running.

With Edvance360 a trial can easily be converted to a live account, getting you launched quickly and efficiently.  If you plan to integrate the LMS with other systems, such as HRIS or a CRM you can use one of our integrations or the API.

Video Learning.

The capability of Edvance360 LMS to accommodate video content makes it an ideal platform for teaching customer service skills. Video content can effectively demonstrate performance and customer experience standards, surpassing the effectiveness of written words in a company handbook.

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The first step to a better LMS is to start your trial. You will have 30 days to test it out and learn how to organize employee training. 

License Agreement

Once you’ve decided to work with Edvance360, you will sign a license agreement.  Your trial site will become your live site.

Onboarding Process

All of our clients matter. Our onboarding process is highly intensive to make sure you will get the most out of our LMS.

Launch Your Courses

Now that you already know how to do it, it is time to organize everything into our LMS. Launch your courses and track employee progress.

Continued Success

We want you to stay a long time with us.  Our Customer success team is at your disposal to make sure you’re getting the most out of our LMS.

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Can I use content from my existing LMS?

Yes, Edvance360 supports Learning Management System standards like SCORM and Common Cartridge to assist you in moving from your existing LMS.

How many videos can I upload?

There is no limit to the number of videos that you can have in the Edvance360 LMS, as long as they are in use. 

Is training included?

Yes, Edvance360 provides training to each new client.

We don’t issue emails to our employees, what do we need to do your access?

You can use their personal email address, or if you prefer Edvance360 allows the use of username only.