How To Get Learners To Pay Attention

Harvard Business Review’s recent article “How to Get People to Pay Attention During Corporate Training” maintains that “precious little time or money is spent on preparing and enabling the mind of the learner” resulting in potential loss of investment – in a $160 billion yearly investment. Bottom line: “if the learner doesn’t have the ‘in-the-moment’ mental capacity […]

Using Your LMS To Make New Employees Feel Welcome

Our experts have previously written blogs about using several specific Edvance360 tools to build relationship, make the culture more collaborative, and generally onboard employees (or clients or volunteers) better. Since this is always such a well-received topic we thought we’d write about it again – especially since Harvard Business Review’s Management Tip of the day […]

The Coming Tsunami of Adult Learners: WHO

In a previous post, we interviewed Professor Stephen Higgins in preparation for ABHE 2018, a smaller accrediting body specifically for Bible colleges and seminaries. His unique perspective on adult learners comes from his varied background teaching adult learners and leading schools that appeal to adult learners, but his predictions are of interest to anyone who deals with […]