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Increasing Employee Engagement with Gamification

Gamification is not a new concept, but it has become a more popular trend recently. There have been articles published on Forbes and Huffington Post discussing the use of gamification in the workplace. The use of gamification is becoming a part of corporate culture for some companies. There are several different approaches to implementing gamification. Some companies utilize gamification as part of the recruiting process to assess candidates, while others use it to teach processes or for team building. According to a Gallup report: “nearly 70% of U.S. employees overall (and more than 70% of Millennials specifically) are not engaged employees, which the polling company defines as “those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.” Given that ADP estimates that the cost to a company of just one disengaged employee is more than $2,200 a year, it’s no wonder businesses are looking for ways to encourage employee engagement.” Engaging employees is an important aspect for retention. So, how can you use gamification at your company? Below are several examples from How Companies Can Improve Recruitment And Engagement With Gamification.

The article, The Pros and Cons of Implementing Gamification in the Workplace stated that: “Gamification is already being used in corporate settings to do just that. Using incentives like competition, achievement, status, altruism, community, and collaboration, businesses can see improvement in overall engagement using gamification in five key areas.”

  1. Recruiting
  2. Training
  3. HR Compliance
  4. Ideation and Content Creation
  5. Leadership Development

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