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How to Use Communities

Edvance360 Communities – groups of people collaborating towards a purpose – are one of our clients’ favorite features. Administrators, instructors as well as learners can create communities, if desired. They offer much of the same functionality of a course/training, but do not have tests or Gradebook modules as community members do not receive a grade.

Communities are often used by committees or departments to work on projects, collaborate on documents, and a central way to share information with all users on Edvance360 or exclusively to the community members. Client selling B2B set up private communities, one per client, then push custom information, content, and resources to that client. Administrators fine them useful as a way to segment the population, allowing them to push alerts or announcements, set up specific agents, etc.

Students use them for everything from getting tutoring to collaboration on a class project. Seminaries use them for Small Groups/Discipleship Groups and even Chapel. Nursing Schools use them for clinicals.

The notifications and alerts sent to a specific community display on the users’ Home Page, events posted to a community calendar display on the users’ Calendar, discussions shared in a Community Discussion are posted to the user’s Home Page Discussions Widget.

Watch the video below to learn more about Communities.

Read step by step instructions on how to set up Communities. Additional information on Community Tools are available here. 


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