Edvance360 eCourse Library – For our employee training programs, each of whom offer the same basic safety and compliance courses and often need similar soft skill courses, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel – or rather, create the courses from scratch. We’ve partnered with a third-party vendor, eLightenment, to provide a full library of courses.

Our partner providing the eCourse Library has enabled us to offer our clients access to all the courses in their entire library for one annual fee. This fee also includes automatic updates to the courses as law,s compliance rules, and other course-specific content changes. As updates are made to courses, the updates automatically show immediately for all subscribing clients in their respective sites.

Courses range in content type provided, but most will contain interactive SCORM files, handouts, videos, and presentations.

So, instead of building your own courses for HR, compliance, soft skills and other common – and some rather uncommon topics as well – browse our library today! Contact your sales representative if you’d like to get a sample course loaded into your site.


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