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Making Announcements Count

Edvance360 has dozens tools to communicate with learners – from system-wide announcements to course and community announcements, date-based announcements, user and group announcement, alerts, banners, emails, automated email, text messages, discussion forums and more. This blog deals with both system-wide and course/community announcements.

These types of announcements are good for either long-term or short-term messages that need to be “pushed” to the users. They take of the most important “real estate” of the screen so users can’t miss them.

For the learner, unread system-wide announcements display on the Home Page and course/community announcements  display on the specific course or community Home Pages. Only admins can create system-wide announcements, which can be set to display for a specific duration of time (expiration not necessary) and for specific user roles. Course announcements only show for users who have access to that course or courses and community announcements only show for users who have access to that community.

A full text editor is provided to create the alerts, allowing the creator to add links, graphics, text highlights, etc. If you can use Word, you can use Alerts! And, if you are fancy, you can even use HTML by clicking the “Source” button.

Note: This is not to be confused with the Welcome Message that is also available to admins to push a message to users upon their first login.

After a user has read any announcement, it will be relegated to the Alerts History area of the Home Page – just in case they want to read it again. 

Watch the video below to learn more about Announcements.

Use Alerts to push messaging to different roles and segments of the population by creating system-wide or community-based alerts. Use Course Alerts to apprise learners of changes and notices as needed.


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