eConnect / Registration Module

Edvance360 offers a turn-key catalog management, eCommerce, Registration Portal module, all rolled into our eCommerce Module. It's easy to deploy, send enrollment information to the LMS automatically, and makes administrators' lives easier by automating many of their tasks.

Alternatively, Edvance360 can integrate with your already existing registration or eCommerce portals at no cost.

Users register online at client's website, accept payments for registration, purchasing items. and auto batch the resulting students and courses into Edvance360 in a seamless manner.



The following are the features included with the registration portal. Any features not listed here are not assumed and require custom programming involving additional development fees.

Administration Area

Products & Categories

  • Unlimited nested categories
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited "bundles" of products
  • Products may be associated with courses; when purchased, user is enrolled in courses
  • Product CSV Bulk Importer
  • Product management:
    • Name
    • Manufacturer
    • Photo Upload
    • Description
    • URL
    • Meta Tag Editor
    • Course Enrollment (API to LMS)
    • Weight (for shipping)
    • Price
    • Promotional Price
    • Active/Inactive

Web Page Editor

  • Allows editing of basic webpages such as contact us, about us, shipping, terms, etc.


  • Displays Order List
  • Displays Quick View of Pending / Shipped Items
  • Full Order Invoice
  • Printable Invoice

Export to LMS

  • Orders can be exported to LMS manually, sending over new enrollments from purchased courses
  • Orders can also be set to automatically export on a timed basis

Coupon Code/Promotional Codes

  • Ability to create promotional codes
  • Ability to date restrict promo codes
  • Set promo code to percent off or dollar amount off


  • Administration settings for:
    • Stripe Live/Testing Mode
    • Login required to view site on/off
    • SendGrid Integration
    • Email for who to notify on new orders
    • Language for order email (when order is placed)
    • Language for shipped email (when changes to "Shipped")
    • Registration email
    • Tax settings per state
    • Language Setting
    • Currency Setting
      • Currency is limited to 1 currency per site
      • Multi-Currency requires multiple sites
    • Multi-Site Editor
      • LMS Sub-Accounts
      • Products and Shopping per Sub-Account
      • API Connection & Enrollment to Sub-Accounts
      • Works in Conjunction with the Mothership Produce (See Sales Associate)

Shipping Modules

  • Multiple shipping methods allowed
  • Allows for shipping via:
    • USPS
    • UPS
    • FedEx


  • Allows batch export of students & courses to Edvance360. Upon batch, sets registration to "Processed", inserts any new terms, courses, instructors, students and course enrollments. Auto emails each student a login link

Custom Menu Editor

  • Allows batch export of students & courses to Edvance360. Upon batch, sets registration to “Processed”, inserts any new terms, courses, instructors, students and course enrollments. Auto emails each student a login link

Administration Area

User Registration Page

User Login Page

User Forgot Password Page

User Shopping Cart Page

User Checkout - Billing Info Page User Checkout - Shipping Info Page

User Checkout - Payment Page

  • Includes cart view
  • Shipping method selection
  • Tax
  • Promo code entry
  • Credit card entry for payment

User Checkout - Thank You Page

Home Page

  • Includes list of Items marked as Featured/ Special

Product Categories

  • Waitlisting for courses/limitation for enrollment

Product List Page with Add To Cart

My Account Page

  • Update billing/shipping info
  • View orders
  • Change passwords

Payment Gateway

Included Payment Gateway

All Other Payment Gateways

  • May require an integration fee, to be determined and quoted

Core Registration System

Hosting Option 1

Hosting on PCI Compliant server

Server is tested 3rd party compliant a minimum of once per year

Individual site PCI Compliance not included but may be purchased. Rates quoted per requirements of each site.

Dedicated IP address for SSL certificate
Client is required to point a subdomain of their existing website to our hosting services, or point a full domain to our hosting services. Instructions to be provided at time of launch.

Hosting Option 2

Client Hosts Registration Portal on their own Website
  • Requires:
    • FTP access
    • MySql database access
    • PHP 5.0+
    • cURL enabled
    • Open SSL Enabled
    • Valid SSL Certificate installed
    • MySql database access
  • Recommended:
    • PCI compliant server