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Jack and Karen Manix, Walker Farm

Jack, Karen, Kristin & Dustin Manix

Our farmstand offers the finest organic fruits and vegetables from our carefully nurtured fields and our Community Supported Agriculture programs are designed to fit every lifestyle. Come meet the friendly staff and sample the brilliant colors and unique seasonal flavors that will show you how much we love taking care of our customers and our land. Visit Walker Farm website for more information.

Our commitment to you: Nothing but the best!

Produce Safety Plan and other CAPS Documents

2015 Produce Safety Plan

Click below for the Walker Farm Produce Safety Plan

11/11/2015 by Jack Manix
Our Food Safety Plan is designed to keep our certified organic produce fresh and safe for our customers. Every effort is made to keep up to date with produce safety guidelines and we are constantly educating ourselves and staff so we can practice the best standard operating procedures to achieve that goal.
Manure and Compost Records

Compost on our farm is applied according to NOFA-VT guidelines. No green manures are applied to crops. Compost is aged one year, turned twice and temperature monitored to meet heat requirements for 3 days. Our goal is to feed the soil and compost is mostly applied in the spring sometimes before and sometimes after plowing depending upon the crop. The compost is incorporated into the soil as quickly as possible to minimize odors and nutrient run-off.  Download record below to view dates and turning temperatures.

2015 Potable Water Test

The State of Vermont tests our wash water to insure potability and produce safety.

2015 Employee Training Verification

Our employees are trained in the proper way to harvest and wash fresh produce. They are required to read and sign a training verification form.

Leafy Greens Wash Photo+ SOP

Click below for our Standard Operating Procedutes for washing leafy greens plus photos.

Farm Containers Photo-SOP

Click below for photos and management techniques for Walker Farm's harvesting, storage and shipping containers.

Cold Storage Photo and SOP

Walk-In coolers and storage containers are kept at recommended temperature for the crops inside.

See descriptions of coolers and procedures below.

2015 Walker Farm Map

This is a rough field map of Walker Farm showing locations of farmstand, greenhouses, walk-in coolers, bathroom and washing/packing area.

Birds-eye home farm view

Click below for a Google earth photo from 2,000ft up, showing key produce safety features.