Davide Bianchini

Christ's peace,

My name is Davide Bianchini, and I am a seminarian studying for the Archdiocese of Saint Louis. I have been discerning a vocation off and on for a number of years, feeling originally drawn to religious life. After graduating college as a Mechanical Engineer, and working in a lab for three years, I then quit my job and entered religious life (Franciscans) for about a year, until discerning out of their Novitiate. At this point I began feeling a growing call to the diocesan priesthood instead of religious life. But still unsure as to how to proceed, I decided to help my mother financially by starting up a book scanning business while continuing discernment. To my surprise, God blessed me with more success than I could possibly imagine. Yet through it all the call to the diocesan priesthood seemed to grow every stronger. After paying off our debt, I eventually sold the business, entered seminary, and have never looked back since. 

I would describe my spiritual journey as somewhat typical. I was born Catholic, but never really took ownership of the faith as a child. It wasn't until many years later, and after many poor choices and many winding roads, that I finally awoke from my slumber and began living for the one who created me. Having trod the path of the prodigal son, I feel doubly blessed to know first hand the depths of God's mercy and patience.

I have also Protestants to thank for challenging me as a Catholic, which, as irony would have it, propelled ever more deeply into my Catholic faith. The more I studied, the more I fell in love with God, His Church, and His saints. The saints became for me my companions; I took them with me wherever I went--especially to the chapel--consuming book after book for a number of years. When I read them, I felt like I was reading the very heart and soul of the Church. 

Through the saints, and through my love for history (and also through Apologetics), I have come to an especial love for the treasures of our Catholic faith. There is so much beauty and richness to our faith; it is my hope to one day share what little I have learned with the people of God, especially with the people of Saint Louis. Having lived in other parts of the country, I have grown especially fond of the people of Saint Louis, seeing in them the raw material for great holiness--far greater than my own. It would be an honor for me to dedicate my life to them, if God so wills it. 


Totus Tuus Maria,





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