Edvance360 LMS-SN, in 2005, was the first to see the benefits of collaboration and networking within the process of educating learners. Based on a secure social network for each client, the collaborative tools in conjunction with the streamlined course management tools provide an engaging, versatile training platform.

Our award-winning interface (CODiE Award 2011) includes many value-added components that automate administrative functions, motivate learners, and empower the instructor. Each of three variations of the LMS-SN are well-suited to either the corporate training program, K-12 educational environment, or higher educational institutions.

Course Management & Design Tools

  • Badges – Enables learners to earn digital badges or digital certificates and display them via ePortfolios, Edvance360, and social media.
  • Cloud-Based/SaaS (Software as a Service) Model – Enables administrators to save money and reduce the burden on IT staff by offloading hosting, server maintenance, technical support, and system upgrades to Edvance360 staff.
  • Course Design Tools – Easy-to-use design tools enable course designers to create lessons (step-by-step learning paths) from any file type or existing course tool, manage lessons, and track learner’s progress. Learners can track their own progress through learning path. Parents can track their children’s progress.
  • Course Management System Tools–Award–winning (Top Tools for Online Schools) course management system tools enable course facilitators and faculty to manage courses using Gradebook, tests/assessments, customized learning paths/Lessons, resources, repository, discussions, rubrics, reports, agents (automated alerts/announcements/reminders based on criteria), and more.
  • Department Management Tools – Enables corporations to assign department managers to oversee employees, schedule trainings, track completions, and run reports.
  • District Management Tools– Enables Community College Districts and K-12 Districts to manage curriculum and Learning Outcomes versions and run reports per site or across all sites via a one-of-a-kind Mothership dashboard.

Communication & Collaboration Tools

  • Secure Social Network – Enables learning programs to build relationships with prospective learners and current learners, as well as stay connected with those who have completed courses in the past.
  • Communities & Groups – Enables learners to collaborate using groups, group assignments, discussions, wikis, surveys, etc.
  • ePortfolios – Enables learners to manage a professional portfolio containing skills developed, documents published, experience gained, badges earned, and recommendations garnered.
  • Intuitive Home Page – CODiE Award-winning interface enables users to easily navigate to courses and respond to what needs their attention.
  • Mobile Version & Apps – Enables users to access Edvance360 LMS-SN on all mobile devices and platforms; both Google and Apple apps are free.

Integration & Transition Tools

  • Common Cartridge –Enables course designers to utilize Common Cartridge files from Publishers or from other CMS/LMS vendors.
  • SCORM – Enables course designers to utilize SCORM files created in other products or from other CMS/LMS vendors.
  • SIS Integration – Enables automated transfer of live data from Student Information Systems (SIS) to Edvance360 for learner, course, registration, and enrollment information.
  • SSO (Single Sign-On) Integration – Enables users to sign into Edvance360 using the same credentials they use to access other services such as corporate intranets and Student Information Systems such as LDAP and other options.
  • Third-Party Integration – Enables integration with CredlyTM Badges, PanoptoTM, RespondusTM, TurnItInTM, and others.
  • Transition Tools – Enables administrators to transfer data from one CMS/LMS vendor to Edvance360 using SCORM, Common Cartridge, and RespondusTM.

Reports, Dashboards, & Analytics

  • Ad-hoc Reports – Administrators can create, save, and re-run reports made via Query Builder on any data points in the system.
  • Early Warning System – Districts and academic institutions can set early warning signals to alert advisors/coaches when intervention to help students succeed may become apparent.
  • Coaches/Advisors/Mentors/Parents – Specialized portals enable support staff or parents to check on progress of learners, including completions.
  • Common Core/Learning Outcomes Management (LOM) – Enables administrators to assess and manage learning outcomes by learner, outcome/skill, course, and at an institutional level.
  • Engagement Reporting – Administrators can run reports to demonstrate all interaction and engagements with learners – both via the LMS and in real-time.

Smart Investment

Edvance360 is very affordable. We realize that escalating costs and budget cuts are a reality that many institutions will be struggling with for the
foreseeable future. Our costs are normally 30-50% below competitor levels.

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"I think a 'thank you' and a 'congratulations' is in order, to the faculty and administrators of the school for bringing us Edvance360. I, like everyone, had my doubts about a new LMS, but what an easy to navigate system Edvance360 is! Not only does Edvance360 give us access to important school resources like lessons and grades, but there's a bit of social media thrown in for good measure, making it a site I want to access rather than just need to access." – A Student from Digital Media Art College

"When our corporate intranet failed to become the 'go-to' place for training, resources, and frequently asked questions, we looked for a collaborative LMS and found Edvance360. Using the collaborative tools such as communities, wikis, and blogs, our employees can quickly find just-in-time training, register for self-paced training, and demonstrate skills earned via their ePortfolios and earned badges. Department managers can quickly access their subordinate's access, status, as well as run reports on completions and other points of data." –Chief Learning Officer from Value-Based Training