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LMS Video Demos Showcasing Edvance360's Award Winning Features.

Edvance360 is an internet-based Learning Management System (LMS) and secure social network (SN) that enables organizations & educational institutions alike to implement successful online learning programs to anyone, anywhere.

Put simply, our intuitive LMS software and one-on-one support engages users in the learning process in order to create lifelong learners. Click on the LMS video demo links below to learn how Edvance360 is the perfect online learning tool for you.

Edvance360 LMS Demo Overviews

Edvance360 5 Minute LMS Demo

Our super quick, 5 minute LMS demo that breaks down the basics of course creatio and dashboard function within the Edvance360 Learning Management System platform.

Edvance360 15 Minute LMS Demo

Offering more information than the 5 Minute Demo, our 15 Minute LMS Video Demo offers additional insight into course creation, dashboard management, eportfolios, badges, and more.

Edvance360 45 Minute LMS Demo

Our most comprehensive LMS video demo, the 45 Minute Video is perfect for those who want as much information possible about the functionality and usability of the Edvance360 LMS Platform.


E360 Feature Highlight Videos


Scheduling through the LMS platform has never been this easy - of effective!

Course Wizard

Check out how easy it really is to create and manage your online courses through the Edvance360 LMS Platform.

In Browser Markup

The Edvance360 LMS allows you to markup and grade assignments easily within the browser - no extra steps or downloads. You can do it all within the Edvance360 online learning platform.

Offline Reporting

No other Learning Management System has offline reporting - and once you experience how much easier they make managing your online learning experience you'll never turn back.

Granular Controls

As easy or technical as you like - Edvance360 is scalable to your specific LMS needs.


Edvance360 has created a revolutionary LMS dashboard experience that will support stronger engagement and ease of function for your learners and you.