Edvance360 Takes a Number of Awards or Placements, Most Affordable LMS or Learning Management System, 2017 Frontrunner, Pacesetter, by Capterra and Software Advice, Two Gartner Companies

Edvance360 Takes a Number of Awards or Placements


We are delighted to announce that Edvance360 has been named one of the "Most Affordable" LMS & received "Pacesetter" status in the 2017 LMS FrontRunners report.

Edvance360 has been awarded the 9th spot out of over 500 LMS vendors competing in Capterra’s recent “Top 20 Most Affordable LMS” report. This report figured in a set of 13 features, cost of implementation, overall costs, reviews from clients on the cost, as well as other criterion. Additionally, Edvance360 LMS-SN received a placement of “Pacesetter”, which includes a capability score of 4.13 out of 5 and a value score of 4.03 of 5. The content for the FrontRunners quadrant is derived from actual end-user reviews and ratings as well as vendor-supplied and publicly available product and company information that gets applied against a documented methodology; the results neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Gartner or any of its affiliates.

We are excited about these two "awards" or placements: affordable and pacesetter. For the past decade, we've focused our efforts on giving our clients value (which we consider to be robust tools with phenomenal training and rave-winning support). We're constantly setting a pace for other LMS vendors and we know it because we're getting copied. (Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.)

This kind of affirmation reminds us that listening to our clients and delivering on the values that can't always be quantified (like support and training) while staying low cost, is the right path for us. And we thank our clients, because it really is all about you.