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Blog | Feb 06, 2017

Edvance360 Places in Most Affordable LMS Category & 2017 Frontrunner Status as Pacesetter

We are delighted to announce that Edvance360 has been named one of the "Most Affordable" LMS & received "Pacesetter" status in the 2017 LMS Frontrunner report.


Blog | Jan 10, 2017

2017 Trends in Education

It’s the year’s end, which brings with it, reflection.


Blog | Dec 01, 2016

Edvance360’s How To Guide for Meaningful Training

Training has been proven to be the basis for improvement in all areas of industry. Companies, whether based in education, business, government, etc., are only as successful as the professional development their employees receive. While preparation is important, it is ongoing improvement that breeds continued success for the individual as well as the employer. In truth, many industries consider continued professional development to be an obligation for the practicing professional.


Blog | Nov 22, 2016

Experience Required

Apparently, with the refocusing of the world’s concentration from how humans interact with other humans to how humans interact with technology, technology may have finally become king. However, amid our pledging allegiance to technology companies, there is hope: we have begun to remember that human interaction has value.


Blog | Nov 03, 2016

Ideas for Your LMS

Each week we will bring you an innovative thought. Our weekly WORK IN PROGRESS topics will be ideas to help you get the most from your Edvance360 Learning Management System. We will look at the latest trends and best ideas for putting your LMS to use for you!


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