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Blog | Apr 25, 2017

Millennials NEEEED Self-Directed Learning

In an excellent article by Heather MacNeill, entitled “For Millenials, Consider Self-Directed Learning,” the author offers this important premise: Millennials are one of the largest drivers for fast-paced change across business landscapes. Their thirst for self-direction in their careers is starting to make learning professionals look at development programs differently. According to thought leaders like Daniel Pink, people have an innate need for a certain amount of freedom in their lives; at least some capacity to plot their own course. In the business world, this translates into employees’ desire for obtaining ownership of their professional direction."


Blog | Apr 06, 2017

Evolving the Learning Model

Recently, Campus Technology published an article titled, The Hidden Cost of Active Learning. It is an article written by an instructor on the verge of burnout because of the “connected” lifestyle we all live in the Internet of Things. Instructors are now starting to go through the same push back corporations have been dealing with for years…the expectations of response times.


Blog | Feb 06, 2017

Edvance360 Places in Most Affordable LMS Category & 2017 Frontrunner Status as Pacesetter

We are delighted to announce that Edvance360 has been named one of the "Most Affordable" LMS & received "Pacesetter" status in the 2017 LMS Frontrunner report.


Blog | Jan 10, 2017

2017 Trends in Education

It’s the year’s end, which brings with it, reflection.


Blog | Dec 01, 2016

Edvance360’s How To Guide for Meaningful Training

Training has been proven to be the basis for improvement in all areas of industry. Companies, whether based in education, business, government, etc., are only as successful as the professional development their employees receive. While preparation is important, it is ongoing improvement that breeds continued success for the individual as well as the employer. In truth, many industries consider continued professional development to be an obligation for the practicing professional.


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