Cliff Notes by The Team at Edvance360. A Cheat Sheet for Getting Results from a Learning Program

A Cheat Sheet for Getting Results from a Learning Program


Note: Original Article written by Jack Phillips and Patti Phillips of the ROI Institute, Entitled “To Deliver Results Start with Why?”, Published August 2016 in the Chief Learning Officer Journal.

In the original article, the authors compile an excellent case for Learning Programs to base their start in the all-important business principle of results, starting with asking “Why” the Learning Program should exist in the first place. To deliver value from a Learning Program, the authors outline ten excellent steps, we have re-listed and summarized here because they are simply too good not to share:

  1. Start with why - “What will the Learning Program improve/change?”
  2. Connect to the right solution - “Always connect the Learning Program to a business need and ensure it’s the right solution to drive that need.”
  3. Define expectations - “From the top to the bottom and everyone in-between, make sure everyone knows what’s expected of them, including the learners themselves.”
  4. Design for results - “Tools, templates, action plans, and proper support at the right time, for the right individuals, must be in place to help achieve results.”
  5. Create or acquire powerful content - “It must be something the learners will use.”
  6. Deliver efficiency and effectiveness - “Both must be considered hand-in-hand.”
  7. Ensure learning transfer - “Minimize or remove barriers but also ensure there are sufficient enablers to make it work.”
  8. Measure results - Don’t scrimp on this one.
  9. Communicate results to key stakeholders - Communicate the measurement results.
  10. Use results for optimization and allocation - “Evaluation leads to optimization, which leads to better budget allocation.”